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6 Years Annual Report

Our journey from 2009 is the story of an African child winking in the dark. Who recognises what he was doing?
Who can tell what affliction the blinking eye was going through? We have been here trying to lend the little gifts our meagre funds could afford among the destitute young persons resident in Ede community and Osun State as a whole in Nigeria. The storyline of Cleannigeria (Cleannation Foundation) is a narration of tears, torture and tactics. It started from the pain of a soul which became a passion when the founder got tormented by the fact that he has to be called upon continually to christening babies of unmarried school girls! This grief is the birth of a vision and the answer to the question: what could be done to help these vulnerable poor school girls find meaning to their lives?
Download the full 6 years Annual report PDF Here

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