6 Years Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
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  • Education:

    Cleannation Foundation established Youth Educational Development Programmes) so as to encourage education and youth development in communities. Since there are restricted prospects and narrow choices in rural communities, youth and young people tend to become self-destruct leading a bleak future. In order to fight these difficulties, Youth Educational Development Program seeks to attend to educational development of youths and through increased sensitization and mobilization of young people, the youth are educated about their self-esteem, values, goals, environment and reproductive health.

  • Child Protection:

    Cleannation Foundation established with the purpose of informing and creating awareness on the rights of young and rural people since most of these people are not aware of their rights and are cheated of their right because they lack information on their rights and responsibilities from and to the government and in other segment of life.

  • Environmental Sustainability:

    Cleannation Foundation established the environmental programme in order to increase awareness on global warming and climate change. Cleannation Foundation also uses this avenue encourage afforestation, encourage recycling of household wastes via: recycling of nylon, PET bottles, can of drinks, broken (or unwanted) plastics, etc. and conducts public talks on clean environment.

  • Health:

    Cleannation Foundation has initiated Health Program so as to alleviate and ameliorate the health challenges of young and rural people. Cleannation Foundation understands that a sizable number of young and rural people cannot provide three square meals a day not to talk of taking cognizance of their health. Cleannation Foundation has therefore found ways to help this people to have better access to good health.

  • Youth Empowerment:

    Cleannation Foundation commenced Youth and Rural Empowerment Program to enable youth and rural people to become self-reliant through series of empowerment activities ranging from vocational training, equipment support access micro-credit facilities.

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